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Family Farming Across America No ratings yet.

September 23rd celebrates family farming across America. The story of family farming runs deep and is enriched in strong family values. The USDA labels a family farm as "any farm organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or family corporation. Family farms...

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The Sunflower State! No ratings yet.

To wrap up the Kansas State Fair, the Miss United States Agriculture County queens stopped in to speak with industry members and Kansas community members. At the fair buildings like the Education Hall, provided a great place to learn about Kansas agriculture and...

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The Famous Butter Cow No ratings yet.

The butter cow is a staple at the Iowa State Fair and state fairs across the nation. The Ohio State Fair claims to have been the first to sculpt the butter cow, but Iowa’s first sculpture was in 191l, by J.K Daniels. The first butter cow was sponsored by Beatrice...

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Celebration of Connecticut No ratings yet.

Today is the day to celebrate the 5th State to Colonize into the New America- Connecticut! Here are some interesting facts about the beautiful state of Connecticut: * 380, 000 acres of farmland * In 2018, 427,000,000 lbs of milk was produced *18,000 gallons of Maple...

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Agriculture Needs YOU Now More Than Ever! No ratings yet.

So, many of you have read my Facebook post regarding the Fair Oaks Video. However, if you have not already, Here it is: “June is dairy month! I can’t resist making a comment about the video that has surfaced about Fair Oaks farms. I just want to remind you all that...

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Milk Chocolate Day! 5/5 (1)

Happy milk chocolate day! Did you know that it takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate and each cacao tree produces 2500 beans. Because cacao trees are so delicate farmers lose on average 30% of there crop each year.  Our favorite chocolate is...

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Celebrate New Jersey Day! No ratings yet.

New Jersey is called the Garden State, and it sure is beautiful! Happy New Jersey day to all our New Jersey Agriculturalist! Fun Facts: Their top 5 agricultural commodities include: Horticulture, Fruits & Vegetables, Field Crops, Equine & Poultry/Eggs. Known...

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A Future Worth Fighting For No ratings yet.

Many people ask me why I want to farm. They ask me why I want to pursue a career that is so labor intensive and back breaking. The answer isn’t as simple as one might hope. To find the answer to that, you have to reach deep down in your book of memories, pull them...

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Losing sight in your Value No ratings yet.

When you join organizations and dive into them you begin to advocate and pursue all aspects of that organization or program. But did you also desire to win or achieve a certain goal in that program? Did you pour your life into your work, attend every event, and show...

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It’s PA DAY! No ratings yet.

Today, July 20th is National Pennsylvania Day! Here are some facts about PA that you may have not known: PA was the 2nd state to join the unionPhiladelphia was the temporary state capital before Harrisburg was made the permanent capital of PAKnown as the Keystone...

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