To schedule a county queen at your event please email for more information. These queens will compete at their state pageant in 2020 where they could claim a state title and ticket to the 2021 National Miss United States Agriculture pageant. 



“Being a county queen provides so many opportunities in all aspects of the agricultural industry. Through going to local events and volunteering with the Miss United States Agriculture program as a county queen, I have learned so much about myself and my community, and have gained confidence as I go forward!”

Alexis Stine

2020 Iowa Miss United States Agriculture


Being a county queen has not only gave me an outlet to advocate for agriculture but also gave me the chance to expand my leadership skills. I loved getting to travel and seeing little girls faces light up when they see a “queen” I know during my time as a county queen I helped people get out of there comfort zone and expanded there ag knowledge. Being a county queen has brought me some of my best friends and a chance to be me.

ReAnna Dunlap

2020 Kansas Miss Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador



Serving as an advocate county queen pushed me outside of my comfort zone. It challenged me to broaden my agriculture knowledge past the well known cows and corn. It opened up the door to so many new community service opportunities. Not only did it allow me to make new friends, but I was also able to make professional connections within my community which will benefit my future career. I would recommend the county queen experience to any girl/woman who has a passion for agriculture and service!

Jeana Curtis

2020 Missouri Mrs. United States Agriculture, 2020 Missouri Miss Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador & 2020 Midwest Cover Miss United States Agriculture





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