The butter cow is a staple at the Iowa State Fair and state fairs across the nation. The Ohio State Fair claims to have been the first to sculpt the butter cow, but Iowa’s first sculpture was in 191l, by J.K Daniels. The first butter cow was sponsored by Beatrice Creamery Co., which now is a part of Con-Agra Foods.

But how is it made, is it all butter? The butter cow and other butter objects are first sculpted with wood, metal, wire and mesh frames. It is created with 600 lbs of low moisture, pure cream Iowa butter and it must be kept in the cooler at 40 degrees. Each year at the Iowa State Fairs the butter cow celebrates a historical piece. In 2016, Star Trek was sculpted to celebrate the 50th anniversary. In 2017, the celebration of the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder was displayed. The 2018 Butter Cow was the 100th anniversary of John Deere, and this year, 2019, celebrated the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street. They even included a working TV to show reruns of old Sesame Street episodes.

Why do we display the butter cow at state fairs across the nation? It is displayed to show and support our Dairy Industry and all the products within the industry. After the first butter sculpture they decided that it was the talk of the town, so bring it back!

DID YOU KNOW that the butter cows butter is recycled and used year after year for up to 10 years at a time!

Other Fairs you can see a butter cow or butter sculptures at: Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, etc. As well as: Australia and Canada!

Blog 8. 2019

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