“For the last three weeks I’ve attended STEM In Ag Days put on by the Guthrie County Iowa Extension Office! Each day had a different theme, we covered hogs, wind power, and cattle. 

I got to start off the activities by reading books with a theme centered around what we were going to be learning about. All the books were written about actual Iowa farm kids who live and breathe the topics everyday! 

For the pig day we covered vaccinations, bio security, meat cuts/byproducts, and what they eat! For our wind power day we the covered pros and cons of wind power, differences and similarities between the turbines and windmills, and what their energy is used for. Wind day was also interesting because the kids didn’t know that making wind energy is an agricultural career path through STEM! During our cattle day we covered the meat cuts/byproducts, what they eat, and the food pathway through their stomachs! 

Overall I loved the experience! I want to be a teacher so this was right up my alley! The extension office was awesome and had so many resources to aid in the classes! I owe a big thank you to the Guthrie County Extension Office and all the kids that came and asked so many great questions about agriculture!”

-Guthrie County Miss Untied States Agriculture, Ella Moss 

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