New Jersey is called the Garden State, and it sure is beautiful! Happy New Jersey day to all our New Jersey Agriculturalist!

Fun Facts:

  • Their top 5 agricultural commodities include: Horticulture, Fruits & Vegetables, Field Crops, Equine & Poultry/Eggs.
  • Known for their thriving beekeeping industry, with the honeybee as their state insect.
  • Orchards are bountiful, including blueberries, cranberries, peaches, apples & strawberries.
  • Major producer of asparagus, bell peppers, eggplant, endive, lettuce & spinach.
  • They have around 10,300 farms with the average farm size being around 71 acres.
  • The state fish is a Brook Trout
  • New Jerseys boasts more horse per square mile than any other state.
  • Location of the 1st Miss America pageant on Atlantic City boardwalk in September 1921. The winner was Margaret Gorman a 16 year old!
  • Location of the most diners in the world.
  • State seashell is the Knobbed whelk
  • Passic river was the site to the 1st submarine ride by inventor John P Holland
  • Known for their sod and nursery’s
  • The FIRST FFA National President, Leslie Applegate, was born and raised in New Jersey!

We hope that you learned a lot about New Jersey, and want to hear your agricultural story, share them with us!

Blog 5. 2019.

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