When you join organizations and dive into them you begin to advocate and pursue all aspects of that organization or program. But did you also desire to win or achieve a certain goal in that program? Did you pour your life into your work, attend every event, and show your friends and family how passionate you are about this cause? Were you disappointed when your dream was crushed after putting countless hours into it?

I have read a lot of post on social media of youth being disappointed in themselves and their work. As 4-H/FFA County Fairs are coming to an end and State Fairs are beginning, remind yourself that winning is not everything. Even if it was you ultimate goal to win grand champion, because you put in countless hours into your show animal. If you lost sight in a goal or passion keep reading and tell us about your defeat and how you overcome it! When reading as a reminder 4-H and FFA were everything to me! I still love, support and encourage everyone to join youth organizations, especially these two. 4-H and FFA will forever have my heart and will be the place I learned the most about myself.

When I was not slated for State FFA Office, even after putting countless hours into attending leadership workshops, competing in speaking contests, and meeting hundreds of new friends across the nation and throughout my home state. I was disappointing in myself. I blamed the loss on other factors, politics, and connections that I had not made yet. I wanted so badly to move past the situation, because it stung. I decided since I did not achieve my main goal throughout my FFA experience that I would pour my soul into becoming a 4-H State Officer, and that is exactly what I did. I was a Northeast Regional Representative for two years, which is a state officer spot. But it wasn’t enough, since I had put two years of being on the 4-H State Officer team I decided that I wanted to run for an titled officer title. I ran for President, received the nomination, had the encouragement and votes from my fellow 4-H members, and the support from my family. I am 4th generation 4-H member and I was a member in my club for 11 years. But when my name was not called and the audience was shocked, I was disappointed.

But how did I overcome this disappointment? It was hard, it took awhile, and I blamed the other kid who beat me. I was told by my friends and supporters that I shouldn’t have lost and maybe if I attended a better college or did this or that, then I may have won. But I beat myself up on the fact that I didn’t achieve my goal and I thought that my 4-H kids would lose faith in me and not claim me as their role model. I was rude to the new President, I did not trust 4-H as I thought it lost sight in my value.

It took a long year, but as the 4-H door closed another door opened. I was selected to be Missouri Miss United States Agriculture. At first I eased into it rather slow. I didn’t want to dive in just to go through another phase of disappointment. I attended a few events, encouraged people to learn more about my platform, and utilized social media. When I competed at Nationals I chose to be myself, not the standards of a 4-H or even FFA State officer. I chose to encourage the other girls to be themselves, creative, and inspiring. During crowning I was shocked when I was chosen to represent National Miss United States Agriculture. I was shocked that a goal, my passion, a dream was achieved. I was happy that I finally won, for myself, even though I did not realize that this was similar to another dream I once had.

The old saying is “When one door closes another door opens”, which is amazingly true! Disappointments door soon leads to the door of opportunity. I never realized what would happen after I achieved my FFA and 4-H goal other then I was going to be a Officer. When I achieved the National title, I received job offers, out pour of support, greetings with state leaders and representatives, and traveled across the Nation to learn more about Agriculture!

If you have a passion pursue it! If you have been told “Sorry your application has been rejected”, “We regretfully inform you that you were not selected”, “We had so many great applications, but we have not selected yours at this time”, or simply not hearing your name be called. IT IS OKAY! You will achieve greatness at another time. You will pursue another passion, a new goal, a bigger dream. You are valued in each and every organization & career. You will grow and learn from the past. You will overcome fear of defeat! YOU WILL ACHIEVE at another time!

When it is your time to show failure and defeat, do it with grace and uprising. Learn from this experience and show yourself that you are valued. When it is your time to win, that door will open and you will remain humble. You will encourage others that there is hope in the passion and dream that they are driving for. When it is your time to have a win, then you will understand why you put so much time and energy into the ultimate goal. Advocate for yourself, and never loose sight of your own VALUE.

Holly Hatfield

Blog 3. 2019

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